The story about neonatal kittens and "superheroes"


The kitten called Koma below just three days old was dropped off the street. Fortunately a good passerby took it home...

It was adopted by a Japanese nickname Simimaru (@shlml) on Twitter.

At that moment, Koma was very weak! Seeing the haggard kittens so weak then he decided to take the help of a superhero.
He placed this superhero next to the Koma cat and every day beside him. Then record these memories and share them with friends. Unexpectedly after posting the photo, the kitten had more than 30,000 fans!

Superman takes care of the cat's nap.
Dedicated waiting.
Surprisingly, thanks to the support of superhuman regular attendance, kittens really can live healthy!
Koma continue to grow up, more and more cute!
sleep together
Sleep in warm arms
Grow up but he still loves his superhero friend ...
Have fun together all the time

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